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When It Rains, It Pours

I want to start out with the main topic of this post... please draw your attention to the screenshot underneath.

It just keeps getting worse. I have done so well holding it together. I have kept my sanity in tack, and this is just enough to push me over the edge. We've gone from the original $12, 995 to $14,505 (Yes, it says $12,665. I included the $300 for our next appointment).

We tack on an extra $1,510 because of the idea that they will have to freeze my embryos. Also, I didn't realize that the frozen embryo process takes an extra 6 weeks. 6 freaking more weeks that I have to hope, pray, cry, and scream that we may or may not be pregnant and that we are quite literally having to pay thousands of dollars on a CHANCE.

I had my first breakdown over it all today if I am being completely transparent. I had my first moment of "Holy shit, this is real. This is our reality. It isn't gonna change."

I want to be strong but today I am not. Today, I allow myself to break.


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