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Welcome October, Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Long time no talk... But here I am.

November can't come soon enough, I am counting down the days. I am ready for the newest round of bloodwork that is heading my way.

-I have started working out; not my favorite but I am doing it!

-I have started increasing my metformin dosage; again, not my favorite but doing it!

-I have staying on top of my vitamins recommended by the fertility doctor.

I am sincerely hoping that doing all of this leads to more positive results in the next round of bloodwork. To be honest, if it doesn't it would be quite the blow to my drive to continue.

I also applied for a simple barista job at Starbucks in hopes of working part time to possibly get better insurance through the company which would significantly help with the IVF costs. Considering that my student loans just kicked back in, that would extremely helpful.

Anyhow, that is the update. The short, simple, and somewhat sweet.

Bye for now,


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