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Updates, Orders, and Lending A Hand

It's been quite a busy week so here is the small update I have for you...

Infertility... still weighing a bit too heavily this week for me to put a ton of thought into it. Still, waiting on our next appointment and figuring out how the hell we are going to come up with nearly $13,000 for ONE cycle that isn't guaranteed to work.

However, I do want to remind those of you paying attention... Just be careful asking people "When are you having kids?" or stating "It's about time you start having some kids." Yes, we know it isn't meant maliciously but it is still very hurtful and harmful for those wishing that they could "start having some kids."

Next up, orders! Here's a little preview of the first order going out! It is absolutely so exciting that I am finally doing something that I had once talked about. I love the sticker process. Keep the orders coming!

Last up, we helped my brother and sister-in-law move into their new house yesterday! It was quite the experience. It was so hot yesterday and we worked from 8AM to 8PM but we got them out of the old house and into the brand spanking new house. We helped clean, we helped set up, and we helped build. It was rewarding watching just how happy each of them were. Lincoln, my nephew, sat in his new bedroom and was playing with his mega blocks so quickly. Raelyn and Charlie, my nieces, waited patiently for their super cool bed to be built and were over the moon once it was done. Taylor and Rebecca looked as if a brick was lifted from the shoulders, even with all the chaos that comes when they to move. All-in-all, a perfect yet busy day!

Thanks for reading, thanks for being here, and thanks for following along!


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