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Update on June 2nd

As some of you know, I had my most recent fertility appointment on June 2nd. I was meeting with my *newest* fertility doctor. Ya know, the third one in hopes that this one doesn't lose my blood sample like the other fertility clinic I was at.

Anyhow, I went into it with questions regarding ANY other option than IVF because I have nervousness with all the injections/medications/etc, and the overall cost of IVF. I asked about tubal cannulation and was basically told that it was not a good option for me due to PCOS.

I feel so defeated.

I keep hitting roadblocks with everything I have been told "could" help or "might" help. First, I was just having issues due to PCOS, so I got put on metformin (which is awful) to help control the PCOS and overproduction of eggs which ultimately I still do not know if it has helped. Second, it was that my eggs are not only in an overabundance but they are rock hard so sperm cannot penetrate the egg. Third, I find out my tubes are blocked and there is a great option to unblock them in order to get pregnant naturally. I am not only defeated but frustrated.

How do we have all of the medical procedures, medicines, and tools to do organ transplants, hip replacements, you name it, but we can't clear tubes and we can't cure/treat infertility better than IVF which ultimately is going to cost me $12,995 for ONE SINGLE cycle that may or may not work?

So yes, the update is IVF is my only option.

We have a follow-up appointment in five weeks to speak with our financial counselor through the fertility clinic to discuss how we will be able to afford IVF and what the next speaks are for us... I will make another post then to continue to update this journey. For now, I am taking a self pity moment and going silent to process.


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