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The Update - The Start

Yesterday, we had our appointment with our fertility doctor to cross our T's and dot our I's. We went over the vitamins and all that I had started taking such as CoQ10, Myo-Inosotil, Omega 3, Prenatals and my other daily medication as well. Yes, its a list. Yes its hard to remember to take upwards of 8 pills every single day.

We talked about whether or not we wanted to move forward with re-doing the HSG (Hysterosalpingography) to get a second opinion about whether of not my tubes are fully blocked. We decided against it for a couple reasons. Mainly, it is a $500 painful procedure that is only going to tell us what we already know. We need help getting pregnant.

We discussed genetic testing as well. Should we go through with it for the embryos or not? Alex and I both had to have our blood drawn for our own personal genetic testing to see whether or not we are carriers for things like cystic fibrosis. My maternal grandfather is a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene and Alex doesn't have to much knowledge on his paternal side so better safe than sorry. Not to mention, they require us to do the genetic testing. It is up to us whether or not we test the embryos. I feel like we should but then I ask myself, would I love my child any less if they were missing a chromosome? At this point, we are leaning towards skipping out on the genetic testing.

Then the lingering question: When do you guys feel comfortable starting the process?

We answered as soon as possible.

My fertility doctor went ahead and prescribed be birth control to start. Yes, this seems counteractive but it isn't. PCOS makes it hard to determine when ovulation happens because my periods are so few and far in-between. The birth control will help my body regulate and narrow down my ovulation window in order to go in an retrieve the eggs. This is step one, hurry up and wait.

In a few weeks, we should be moving on the the next step but truly at this point it is up to my body.


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