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Oh So Blue

Is anyone else having a hard time with the weather? It has rained three straight days here in our part of North Carolina. Rain always has a way of putting me in a lazy, blue, yucky mood.

I should be celebrating some of the bigger victories happening around me like my sister-in-law recovering from her double mastectomy like a freaking champ.

I should be celebrating being able to have my two cousins stay at my house with me this evening so I can drop them off at the airport tomorrow.

But here I am overthinking and letting anxiety burn me out with the "what ifs" and the "maybes." What if my sister-in-law needs more than she is willing to ask for? What if I could be doing something for her rather than sitting and blogging? What if my cousins get to Texas and their visit doesn't go well? (There is more to be explained on that one, just not yet). Why am I always stuck in my head? I wish I could just shut my brain off sometimes.

I have avoided thinking about the dreaded word, infertility, for a few days now. I have a tendency to avoid things that force too much emotion all at once. That is a big one for me, it makes me feel less than womanly.

Hopefully, the sun shines soon, I could use it, along with the other people out there that struggle on the cloudy, rainy days as well. Here's to forcing a bit of positivity out of myself and finding something to smile about. What is it? I don't know yet but I will find it at some point today.

- MadeByMescia

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