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So I have been a bit quite as I process some information...

We aren't getting to move forward with our first round of IVF just yet. Once we went and had our blood work done and got the results back... it put us on hold. Why you may ask? Most of the results were spot on and great but one little lingering result held us back. My AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is still to high. An AMH test measures Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels, corresponding to a person's egg count. You would think this could be a good problem to have because a high level of AMH would mean I have plenty of eggs. That would be wrong. I have far too many eggs meaning that my body is producing quantity of quality.

Here is a breakdown of AMH ranges:

Interpretation (women under age 35)

AMH Blood Level

-Normal 1.5 – 4.0 ng/ml

-Low Normal Range 1.0 – 1.5 ng/ml

-Low 0.5 – 1.0 ng/ml

-Very Low Less than 0.5 ng/ml

Starting this process with the fertility clinic, I was at 19.2 ng/mL and now at 11.0 ng/mL. I am showing progress but not great progress. If you look up ranges for women with PCOS, my 11.0 ng/mL isn't terrible but it isn't great either. It's good news and bad news. The medication (Metformin) is helping but I need to raise my dose in order to see any more progress. Metformin and I have a rocky relationship. It makes me extremely sick so I was hoping to not have to raise my current dosage but I don't have a choice.

My fertility doctor ultimately gave us the choice of whether or not we wanted to continue with our first cycle but broke it down by saying "If I were coming out of pocket $14,000, I would want my eggs to be in the best shape possible to ensure the highest rate of success" and that stuck with Alex and I. We chose to be patient for a little longer in order to increase of odds of success. It was neither of our favorite choice to make but we knew we had to think logically about it. We aren't made of money so we have one real shot at this for a while.

Hopefully I explained everything well and answered any questions! Thank you for following along with our journey.


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