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IVF Supplies Recommendations From A Pre-Planner

Here is a couple of items that I have found that I plan to purchase if we move forward with IVF as our option for getting pregnant... Yes, yes I know I am way ahead of the game. You will learn that, that's just how I am.

  1. The Essential IVF Support Kit from MyVitro

2. Living IVF: The Essential Emotional, Psychological and Practical Guide

3. TheraNatal OvaVite Preconception Prenatal Vitamin (90 Day Supply) | Fertility Supplements for Women Trying to Conceive | CoQ10 Fertility Support | NSF Certified

That's all I have found so far! Let me know if there is anything you would recommend. You can also click on the clicks in each photo to go directly to the items if you are interested in checking them out!


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