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Amazon, Etsy, and AirBnB, oh my!

Here's to writing my first-ever blog post and hoping to shed some light on why I am taking on all the online blogging and selling journeys. Also, I want to shed "my light" on infertility.

Hi, nice to meet you all, I'm Mackenzie. I work as a general manager and I enjoy creating, designing, and promoting products that I believe in when I have spare time. My husband and I also run an AirBnB that helps keep me busy (I'm a busy bee kind of person).

The reason for all of this is simple, yet complex... Infertility. My husband and I recently found out that due to my own medical issues, our only way of becoming biological parents is through IVF treatment. This was not only shocking but scary. We dove right into what this means for our future and quickly came to realize... Without wild amounts of money... we wouldn't stand a chance a pursuing our dream.

I came up with the idea to supplement both of our incomes by first running an Etsy store which you can view here and to become an Amazon Affiliate which is much more complex than you would think (None of those TikTok videos are true, it isn't simple, it IS complicated).

Please feel free to follow along as we get updates on our journey and we continue to expand our products and recommendations!


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Each blog is a quick peek into my husband and I's life. Infertility, Etsy, Pinterest, and Airbnb keep us very busy but we intend to share a post once a week as a space to gather our thoughts and express our feelings. Our hope is to help others feel understood. 

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